On-the-ground Research Continues.

We met up with the Innovations for Poverty Action team as we tagged along on with their field visits in rural Rwanda. We continued our in-person research we started in Uganda by validating the hypotheses we developed in Uganda and understanding the differences between the two markets.

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Meetings with Commodities Exchanges.


We met with the East African Exchange (EAX).

EAX is regional commodity exchange offering commodity trade services in Rwanda and East Africa Community (EAC) common markets (173 million consumers) in key staples food crops such as Maize, Beans and Soya.

EAX deals with high quality products meeting the requirement of EAC standards. Key value proposition is guarantees on quantity and quality of farmers' grains, reliability of trade and settlement services and high level of risk mitigation.

The company was created in 2013 to further strengthen EAC regional integration by developing a common and coherent financial sector in agriculture, energy and mining. EAX links deprived rural farmers to financial markets. It offers financial product development to its members and facilitates trades regionally and worldwide.

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